Lewis Morris

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative
Freedom 55 Financial
Lewis Morris
Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

"Simplifying prosperity"

Freedom 55 Financial

Whether you’re beginning your career, starting a new family, buying your first home, running a business or preparing for retirement, there are considerable benefits to working closely with a trusted financial security planning professional.

Rather than simply selling products, I feel it’s very important to educate clients about the types of opportunities and risks they face going forward, allowing educated decisions to be made on the solutions. Any product must be placed into the context of a long-term plan.

Taking into account your current situation and future economic potential, we will assess your personal and professional goals to produce a financial security plan that will help protect your lifestyle and increase your wealth moving forward.

Through an initial discussion, you’ll gain some insight into my approach and find out why many existing clients choose to refer me to their peers.


What people are saying...

Working with Lewis on my financial planning has been a great experience. He took the time to get to know me and find out what my needs are and then presented all of the options available that address those needs.

The value of financial planning

Did you know that when it comes to your financial well-being, advice may be the difference between achieving your financial goals and falling short? Make the most of your money with the help of a financial security advisor.

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Whether you plan to help fund your child's education, build a successful business or retire comfortably, financial products and services should address specific needs in your financial security plan.